Turn GPS tracking into useful

Helix is more than simply a GPS tracking system; it can help
you automate your fleet operations.
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Live tracking of your vehicles

Mobile apps; tracking vehicles
using GPS mobile

Get complete control of your fleet by keeping track of your assets throughout the way. Find out the time they stop, when, where and for the length of time.

Automatic vehicle location (AVL)

Live GPS locator

The truck GPS location data is refreshed every 10-20 seconds, revealing the vehicle's actual position on Google Maps.

Live GPS vehicle tracking

"The display is simple to navigate using an interactive map that shows arrows on the exact route the vehicle follows".

GPS tracking data report

On the go, generate fleet
reports (Ad Hoc)

It allows you to gain real-time insights into data that a regularly scheduled report cannot give.

Create vehicle tracking reports

"We discovered that the support staff is always available to us for any assistance/clarification on the extension modules."

Notifications through Text

Receive notifications about
upcoming events

Mark places such as corporate or customer offices, as well as branches. Create a thorough landmark history report with a timestamp for each departure or entrance to determine whether or not the stop was permitted.

Create Alerts or Notifications

"Since using the GPS monitoring system, I've had better control over my fleet and saved money on gasoline and overtime expenditures."

The best Fleet Automation software

It is a complete Fleet Automation System designed to reduce fleet operational expenses

Regain command of the fleet's activities. Knowing where your cars and assets are at all times allows you to recover control of your fleet operations, such as

  • vehicle location
  • Vehicle speed, pauses, and driver information
  • The odometer and the gasoline level in the tank
  • Ignition ON/OFF; Door Open/Close; and Air Conditioning ON/OFF

School admins testify that placing a GPS device on school buses improved efficiency.

  • Make sure that students are safe
  • Be absolutely sure students are safe
  • School administrators testify that installing GPS devices on school buses increased efficiency.
  • Parents may follow their children's school buses in real time.
  • Live estimated arrival time (ETA); iOS and Android apps to follow travel progress.

Complete on-the-job responsibilities on time.
Use Android mobile devices to rapidly dispatch fresh assignments, including with location, to your on-field drivers, ensuring that they arrive at their destination and finish their jobs on time. When a new job is created, your driver receives a smartphone notice.

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A quick overview

Dashboard for Operations and

The one-view dashboard keeps you up-to-date on operational metrics, alerts, and maintenance information that needs your attention, letting you make decisions before vehicle operations are impacted.

  • 01 Dashboard
  • 02 Google Maps
  • 03 Ongoing services
  • 04 Notifications
  • 05 Report
  • 06 Configuration

Is Helix the best tool for my company?

If you own cars or hire drivers, you need have software in place to handle those vehicles and drivers; otherwise, you will quickly lose control. It's that easy!

Is Helix the best tool for my company?

If you own cars or hire drivers, you need have software in place to handle those vehicles and drivers; otherwise, you will quickly lose control. It's that easy!

  • Helix is a cloud-based platform for fleet management. It employs GPS/GPRS technology to track and monitor cars, employees, and goods.

  • Helix is a highly accessible cloud-based software as a service. We update the programme on a regular basis with easy-to-use features customised to your business; the software manages your fleet and shows you the actual storey.

  • Its main advantage is scalability, which allows you to add as many cars as you desire. Whether you have a single car or thousands, you will not suffer slowness or instability when utilising this system.

  • When looking for the best GPS car tracking service, keep these three things in mind: 1) a well-developed vehicle tracking programme; 2) a robust GPS vehicle tracking device; and 3) an exceptional customer service team.