Smart Home/Office

With the level of speed that technology is growing, we always want to get control of our home and offices not just by the remote but also on our phone so that we can manage it anywhere at any time. And the imaginations have changed to reality with the beautiful development in the ELV.

With the use of ELV services of Helix, your home or office will turn into a smart home and office. Home Automation Systems cover a wide range of technologies for monitoring and managing nearly everything in a building, from lights to doors to home appliances and audio equipment, and everything else that uses electricity. Our home automation systems are now network-based, allowing for remote control and monitoring of the structure through the internet. While most home automation used to be controlled by a remote control device, with the advancement of technology, control has now shifted to smartphone and tablet apps or speech recognition systems. The expert team at Helix will help with all the needs and queries you have.

Smart home/office automation will allow you to :

  • To increase convenience
  • To provide comfort
  • To make energy efficient
  • And give security

We at Helix provide :

  • Centralized management of Lighting
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)
  • Appliances
  • Security Locks for Gates
  • Doors
  • Other systems

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can contact us through our mail

  • Yes, Helix is a process-oriented organization as it facilitates an optimized execution of the processes. Helix focuses on the best possible organization of all the business processes in terms of cost, time, and quality.

  • Quality plays a very vital role in our organization. Providing services to clients with full quality comes under the core value of our company. We focus on providing end-to-end services with quality assurance to our clients maintaining the standards of the organization.