Smart Gates

Helix Services provides you with the Smart gates solution to improve the security system in your premises. Smart gates are used to limit access to facilities to authorized persons and to keep track of attendance, among other things. These smart gates may be put at the company or building entrances and exits.

Helix Services offers you the variety of Smart gates that you want to build on your premises.


Helix services provide the Radiofrequency Identification card to allow you to have access to search, identify, and track & communicate with people. Our safe and secure RFID cards will provide end-to-end security and safety for the entrance of the unknown person.

Stickers on the Windscreen :

Helix Services provides you with stickers on the windscreen that will help in recognizing the known person and will allow from the gate without stopping them. The sticker will have the Radio Frequency Identification number which would help in identifying and allowing access to the car to enter the gate.

Frequently Asked Questions

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