CCTV Security System

Be it professional life, we all want a life that is safe and secure. And when it comes to safety and security, surveillance plays a huge role, with cameras all around us increasing the assurance of our security each day. But then we understand your concern that different types of cameras are suitable for different premises, but finding all those surveillance cameras in one place is a difficult task. Don’t worry, we at Helix provides you with different surveillance cameras according to your need.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and License Plate Recognition Cameras (LNR) :

We provide you with the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), and License Plate Recognition Cameras (LNR) used to read and save the data on the registration plates. Our ANPR and LNR cameras will help your business, whether it is a tolling, Hotel, Overstay management, or the parking area, with the kind of security and safety you have wanted to have all along the time.

Thermal cameras :

Not just the ANPR and LNR, but we do have the specialty in the Thermal Image Cameras. Our Thermal image cameras are one of the best surveillance cameras providing 24 hours surveillance at airports, seaports, boards, and many other places where critical infrastructure is there. No matter what time of the day it is, the quality of the images and videos captured by our Thermal camera will assure you about the surveillance of your premises.

Dome cameras :

The dome camera by Helix will help your premises to get secured inside and outside the premises making it the viewer difficult to understand where exactly the camera is facing. We at Helix provide you easy to install having the vandal-resistant feature along with the IR night version.

Bullet Camera :

The expert team at Helix will provide with you the Bullet cameras having the IR night version, Compact size installations, High-quality image resolutions for providing you with the quality of surveillance service that you were searching for your premises.

PTZ Cameras :

The Pan/tilt/zoom cameras by Helix having 200m IR night vision, optical zoom features, along with the high-quality image resolution. With the PTZ cameras of Helix, your concern regarding the security of the live guard or the said matters will get solved.

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