Access Control

Access control brings more authorization to safety and security as there will be the selective limitation of access to a location or other resource in the domains of physical security and information security. We understand your concern about how important is to get secure and safe access control for keeping your premises safe. We at Helix have the experience of providing expert services in Access control.

We provide a variety of options, including single-door standalone systems as well as multi-door, on-line, pc-based systems with pin/fob/card readers, biometric readers, wristbands, and even smartphone technology. These may be as basic or as complex as you like in terms of technology. We have a solution to fit your business's demands, and one of our security experts will work with you to develop a system that meets your unique needs.

Access Cards :

Persons use the access card to obtain entry to the doors that are guarded by the access control system. Each access card is embedded with a unique code. The majority of access cards are around the same size as a normal credit card and fit easily into a wallet or handbag.

Readers :

Readers are the equipment that is used to "read" the access card electronically. Card readers are classified as either "insertion" or "proximity" readers. Card readers are often installed on the non-secure side of the door they control.

Electric Lock :

The equipment that is utilized to electrically lock and unlock each door controlled by the access control system is known as an electric lock. Electric locks, electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, electric escape devices, and a variety of other devices are examples.

Field Panels for Access Control :

"Intelligent Controllers" are put in each facility where access control is required. The access control field panels are connected to card readers, electric lock hardware, and other access control equipment.

Access Control Server Computer :

The "brain" of the access control system is the access control server computer. Serves as the access control system's central database and file manager, as well as documenting system activities and transmitting information to and from the access control field panels.

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