Teltonika has partnered with Helix services for delivering the devices to different users based on their requirement. We deliver the devices to you for your fleet management requirements from the Teltonika company.

FMB120 :

FMB120 is a compact and professional tracker with internal high gain GSM and GNSS antennas that can gather device coordinates and other valuable data and send them to a server through GSM network. This device is ideal for applications requiring remote object location acquisition, such as fleet management, vehicle rental businesses, taxi companies, public transportation, logistics firms, personal cars, and so on. The FMB120 can execute activities on distant items such as checking engine health and operating the truck's door, among other things.

The following are the features of FMB120

  • Digital input and digital output for monitoring and controlling remotely.
  • It allows the gadget to function without an external power source.
  • Temperature data and RFID/iButton tags are monitored.
  • Have the feature of bluetooth for external devices, as well as Low Energy sensors.

FMB920 :

It is the tracker that is small and clever, featuring Bluetooth and an inbuilt backup battery. Teltonika FMB920 is a small and smart tracker featuring Bluetooth, inbuilt High Gain GNSS and GSM antennae, and an integrated backup battery. The FMB920 is intended for light vehicle monitoring in applications such as insurance telematics, rental automobiles, stolen car recovery, public safety services, delivery transport, taxi, and many more. Inputs and outputs broaden device usage scenarios. The digital input can be used to check the state of the ignition, door, or alarm buttons. The FMB920 digital output can be used to remotely immobilise a vehicle.

The following are the features of FMB920

  • Bluetooth for external devices, as well as Low Energy sensors.
  • The crash detection feature is based on accelerometer data.
  • Allows the gadget to function without an external power source.
  • Bluetooth is used to read CAN bus data from the vehicle's ECU.

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